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Relaunch: Liqueur du Grand Saint Bernard


9/26/2023 11:02:57 AM

Product Development

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Liqueur du Grand Saint Bernard, available in two varieties, is a new edition of the company's oldest recipe, known only to family members to this day. It was given to the distillery's founder by a canon at the beginning of the 20th century. Swiss graphic designer Karim Merzoug has given the bottle a new look, resulting in a redesigned label that blends tradition and modernity.

The traditional recipe for the liqueur was personally handed to Louis Morand, who founded his eponymous distillery in 1889, over 100 years ago by one of the canons of the Grand Saint Bernard Hospice. Morand wrote it down in a black notebook, which has remained securely locked away to this day, accessible exclusively to family members. The liqueur is distilled in antique stills, which have been operated by successive generations of family members. Currently, members of the fourth and fifth generation already maintain the art of distilling according to old family tradition. The secret original recipe is a refined composition of 30 plants. That much we can say: The roundness of Yellow 41% Liqueur du Grand Saint Bernard is attributed to honey, and the golden colour is derived from saffron threads. The liqueur is also available in a green version with completely different characteristics: Green 51% Liqueur Grand Saint Bernard is a higher-proof version and contains not only the 30 plants of the original recipe but additional plants such as the Valais mugwort, creating the perfect balance between a powerful flavour, intensity, and the roundness of the honey

For the relaunch, the bottle’s traditional shape has been retained and adorned with a quaint yet clean new label created by talented Swiss designer Karim Merzoug.

Liqueur du Grand Saint Bernard can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It makes the perfect base for cocktails built on complex plant flavours. 

The product will be available to consumers at the end of the year.


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