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12/4/2023 10:14:35 AM

Cutting back on food waste By Bryony Barlow, Director at Prowrap

The story of every restaurant is littered with incredible highs and almighty lows. Each tale is fascinating, different, and challenging.


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10/30/2023 3:28:50 PM

Henderson Foodservice creates a recipe for success with Akeneo’s PIM solution
Partnership accelerated product record capabilities, ensuring seamless compliance with new food standards and regulation...
Sustainability 3 min read


10/30/2023 3:19:08 PM

Phantom Inventory haunts retailers as a fifth of UK shoppers experience out-of-stocks due to ‘ghost’ inventory
19% of customers are experiencing inventory errors with retailers’ store systems 32% reported items being listed as in-...
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9/4/2023 2:59:42 PM

Finnebrogue invests £2.8 million to upgrade plant-based food factory
The County Down food producer Finnebrogue has announced a £2.8 million investment to upgrade its three-year-old plant-ba...
Sustainability 4 min read

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