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Cutting back on food waste By Bryony Barlow, Director at Prowrap


12/4/2023 10:14:35 AM


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The story of every restaurant is littered with incredible highs and almighty lows. Each tale is fascinating, different, and challenging. 

From key decisions about funding, location, hiring, menu-making, and number-crunching to turning a profit and operating budgets, they are anything but formulaic. Nowadays, these already tumultuous journeys are being turbocharged by food and drink inflation – and it’s surging again!

As measured by the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index, inflation rose again to 22.6% year-on-year in June – close to the record high of 22.9% in December 2022.

Economics influencing ingredients is not new, but it is now conspiring against the industry in a major way, leaving some businesses extremely vulnerable. As a result, there has been a collective tightening of budgets. From food and labour to keeping the lights on and the stove hot, you might be forgiven for thinking the culinary outlook for the foreseeable is nothing but bleak.

The cause? Ironically, it is an unwelcome combination of factors - Brexit, the Covid-19 fallout, supply chain disruptions, a recruitment crisis, and now the wettest July on record that has seen the harvests hit.

All of these serve only to intensify the strain on a beleaguered industry. On average, restaurants are closing at the rate of five per day, and there has been little to no respite. According to new figures from accountancy firm Price Bailey, closures hit a ten-year high in the second quarter of 2023.

Many have been compelled to increase menu prices. So, whether it's a higher bill, reduced portion sizes or a less tasty, lower-quality meal, an economic tussle is almost unavoidable. Tom Kerridge, who has been running a business for 18 years, has described it as 'Walking uphill on glass, barefoot.'

Reducing food waste to fight inflation

Food waste, sustainability and money-saving are chief concerns, and chefs are confronted with these issues every time they create a new dish. But even in these tough times, there is plenty of room to be as innovative, creative, and skilful as possible. 

Cling film doesn't have all the answers, but when it comes to wrapping and protecting food, it is a significant part of the solution. And by equipping your kitchen with a Speedwrap dispenser and refills of our Prowrap films, foils and parchments, you would be giving your business the best possible chance.

When wrapped tightly around food or containers, cling film creates an airtight seal that helps to prevent air and moisture from getting in, which can cause food to spoil more quickly. It offers a high-clarity, puncture-resistant packaging solution that keeps food fresher for longer and allows for quick visual identification.

Just 1 gram of cling film allows the preservation of several kilograms of food. That's why our range of films provides a positive solution by helping to prevent food waste and improve shelf life. Cling film is one of the most efficient ways of preserving food in the kitchen. It clings and therefore seals easily, isolates food, and protects flavour. And when it comes to how well our cling wrap adheres and then reseals to different cookware materials, the performance of our products is second to none.

Value in versatility

In today's fast-paced world, products that serve multi-purpose needs are the most effective. Using cling film can also help save you money and reduce food waste. By keeping food fresher for longer, you can avoid throwing away spoiled or expired food, which can add up over time. Cling film is a relatively inexpensive way to store food compared to other storage options like reusable containers or zip-top bags.

Despite the current economic backdrop, most of us still throw money in the bin. Cling film and aluminium foil represent a versatile and positive solution by helping to preserve food and improve shelf life.

Speedwrap provides the ideal way to store and dispense your Prowrap Professional refill rolls. Load the roll, pull to length and press the lid for a perfect cut—no more searching for the end of the roll and much more hygienic. 

Every detail and step taken in your restaurant's kitchen counts. How fast your staff can get orders out of the kitchen often makes or breaks a dining experience for guests. Operators understand the importance of a well-functioning kitchen.

Our Speedwrap 300 & 450 helps chefs to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary product waste, saving valuable time and money. The dispensers are also easy to clean during service and can be disinfected in a commercial dishwasher to minimise cross-contamination.

A restaurant must consistently produce what guests want to buy because they would otherwise go elsewhere. It also must be efficient, creating with minimal wasted resources. This is because margins in the industry are thin.

So, in a perfect storm of cost pressures, don't let food waste eat into what little profit there is. Our professional films, foils, parchments, and sought-after dispensers are deployed in small and functional to large, high-volume kitchens, Michelin restaurants and hospitals, offering a tried and tested way to address inefficient practices and help combat food waste.

To shop the full range of Prowrap films, foils & parchments and to see how our Speedwrap dispensers can help you battle food waste with a single press, please visit wrapex.com.

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