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Over the Moo’s ‘Dairy Free Wonder From Down Under’ Online Campaign Is Tasked With Supporting The Bite-Sized Business’s Middle East Push


10/18/2023 9:48:23 AM

Product Development

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Over the Moo’s eagerly anticipated Kibson’s Launch in October will coincide with the launch of 4 ‘frustrated cows’ online ads tasked with conveying the brand’s proud, plant-based focus.

Bite-sized ice cream propositions are the unrivalled ‘moo-mentum’ drivers within super-premium ice cream at this moment, offering that perfect balance of ‘me-time’ indulgence meets portion control.   

However, until now, within bite-sized there has been a disappointing dearth of discerning plant-based propositions, providing Over the Moo with the perfect opening to take its modern-day take on a smaller yet effortlessly elegant choc ice to an appreciative, international audience.   

According to Over the Moo UK founder, Simon Goodman ‘Whilst our initial focus was the UK’s buoyant indie ice cream scene (food halls, delis, cafes, garden centres) via a select number of expert specialist wholesalers: (DWF, CLF, Go Puff, Plant, Mighty Plants, On the Rocks…..) the speed at which the word has spread overseas regarding our unique take on ‘on-the-hoof’ means that our export focus has accelerated.’ 

Kibsons, as a discerning pillar of UAE food retail is only the beginning of this London operation’s overseas push, which is already generating positive moves within Portugal and its spiritual home, Australia.

N.B. Each bite (Vanilla & Salted Caramel is less than 30 calories a bite)

This Christmas will also see Over the Moo initiate an eagerly anticipated ‘seasonal push’ within Costco.


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