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GSN introduces the complete festive feast in a "full-to-brimming' wrap


11/14/2023 12:00:52 PM

Product Development

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With Christmas within touching distance and food and drink businesses starting to unveil their seasonal ranges they’ve kept closely under wraps, GSN (Gold Standard Nutrition) is proud to trumpet the eagerly anticipated arrival of a limited-edition FESTIVE wrap, which marries tasty, high protein convenience with a generous dollop of seasonal good cheer. This is one lavishly packed wrap that lovingly bundles together tender roast chicken, mouth-watering turkey bacon, a generous scoop of traditional stuffing and that all-important drizzle of rich gravy and beguilingly sweet cranberry sauce.


Since GSN’s wraps were launched in September 23, GSN’s deep fill wraps have become a game-changer for any health food store, instore hot snacking fixture, indie food store, coffee shop, garage forecourt or high end refectory seeking to offer its customers a generously proportioned on-the-go snack that’s big on taste and lean protein yet free from all those lazy carbs, saturated fats and excessive salt and sugar that  mean so on-the-hoof snacks are little more than unwelcome junk food.

According to GSN founder, Craig Allen,  ‘As a business that first made its name providing best-in-class snacking opportunities to forward-thinking gyms, leisure centres, university refectories and blue-chip City canteens, it’s exciting to see the deluge of new enquiries from high street retail, supermarkets and Business class airline operators who see a functional food operator championing athleisure’ (healthier living lifestyles meets top drawer convenience), who champions diligently balanced snacks that prioritise great taste and sound nutrition.  We think of ourselves as a young customer savvy operation so when we received numerous enquiries for a health-conscious seasonal special, we knew we had to respond’ 


GSN’s original 4-strong wrap selection includes:

Sweet Chilli, BBQ Chicken, Full English Breakfast and Chicken Tikka.

£2.99 RSP





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