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Popcorn Kitchen - grasping the gifting nettle


11/22/2023 9:37:01 AM

Product Development

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Popcorn Kitchen has enjoyed significant growth over the last 3 years, the fruits of a root & branch review of its brand 18 months earlier, which sought not simply to underpin the brand’s distinct DNA but to explore additional gifting pathways that played into brand’s snowballing popcorn prowess.

Step back even a few years and it seemed that popcorn’s best days were long gone, having been peddled in every imaginable way, from light low-calorie nibble to indulgent, side-of-sofa treats.  Everywhere you looked supermarkets had stacked shelves with big family packs of trusted, ‘old school’ flavours which helped fuel the feeling that popcorn for all its nostalgic appeal and permissive indulgence had become snacking wallpaper.  

With its distinct home counties food festivals heritage, it was clear that Popcorn Kitchen was always going to take a stand, not only for best-in-class ingredients and quintessentially English flavour marriages (Lemon Drizzle, Cherry Bakewell, Mint Chocolate….), but for an eclectic array of discerning, independent ‘foodie theatres,’ such as: garden centres, farm shops, delis, hamper baskets, food halls, coffee shops and curated online marketplaces like Not On The High Street and Amazon, who all too often felt like 2nd class citizens within food & drink retail.

According to Popcorn Kitchen owner, Louise Webb ‘As a business already well known for its gigantic popcorn bottles, we knew there was a place for a small batch popcorn provider that was prepared to champion fine snacking theatre.’


Home Poppin Kits:

Imagine a format that enabled parents and children to make fresh home movie popcorn together.   Each full-to-brimming bottle came rammed full with quality mushroom popcorn kernels (the perfect podgy bite), Belgian Milk Chocolate chips and all-important nostalgic topping, chocolate eggs, chocolate sprouts, marshmallows, white chocolate Jazzies….  

Popcorn Kitchen seized the opportunity to own a simple home cooking ritual which neatly culminated in a great night in family get-together (movie, games night…). 

Chocolate Confectionery:

Popcorn and confectionery are kindred spirits but historically this perfect union has been thwarted by producers settling for sub-standard chocolate or tasteless cotton wool popcorn.  Popcorn Kitchen broke the mould insisting on Belgian chocolate and enticing flavour unions White Chocolate & Raspberry, Chocolate Orange and a headspinning Salted Caramel.

12 Days of Christmas Gift House:

Another old school tradition that Popcorn Kitchen wanted to upgrade was the timeless advent calendar.  Why settle for 24 teeny weeny treats when you can have 12 bulging bags of popcorn joy.  

Popcorn Kitchen always wanted to be more than a stack-it-high popcorn pusher, which is why the independent food sector is the perfect partner for a popcorn champion with a theatrical edge. Popcorn Kitchen is a Growing Business finalist 29.11.23


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