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Sustainable Packaging Drives Demand for Clean Peel Liners


6/7/2024 6:56:42 AM

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According to Selig Group, a leading global manufacturer of tamper evident cap and closure lining materials, the company has seen a significant increase in demand for clean peel induction liners across Europe in the past year. This is being driven by producers looking for solutions that support their sustainable packaging strategies and minimise contamination of recycling streams.


Clean peel induction liners are a growing area of interest, as they help resolve container/cap recycling stream contamination issues. This is because they cleanly separate from the package being sealed, leaving no residual foreign material on the container when they are removed. And, depending on the choice of liner, can also be entered into the aluminium recycling stream too.


Selig’s most popular clean peel liner range is now DELTASEAL™ and there are solutions for both and PET and Glass containers. DELTASEAL 9000 is ideal for use with glass, as it features the company’s proprietary clean peel GlassFuze™ heat seal solution that ensures even oily or fatty contents are sealed effectively. DELTASEAL 1000 is designed for use on glass for gruanual and powdered products and both the 9000 and 1000 aluminium foil liners can be entered into the aluminium recycling stream. Also proving popular is DELTASEAL 3000, which can be used on polyester (PET), if the clean peel benefit is required.


A non-induction heat sealing process that has also shown significant growth in the last year is Selig’s QUADRASEAL™ wet glue applied two-piece lining materials. This simple to use sealing solution features a temporary polymer bond, offering a clean polymer-faced reseal. As the liner is retained in the closure by a special retention feature.



Peter Tindale, European Sales Director at Selig Group comments: “With sustainability so high on everyone’s agenda, it is no surprise that we have seen such significant demand for our clean peel liner solutions. Efficient waste collection schemes, closed- loop recycling and access to recycled content are all making producers look at every stage of their packaging process and the technology is there for liners such as Deltaseal to be part of the solution, not the problem.”



For more information on the DELTASEAL or QUADRASEAL ranges visit www.seliggroup.com

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