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Over the Moo adds indulgent chocolate ice cream bites to its pioneering pouch offer


5/8/2024 11:31:52 AM

Product Development

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As Summer beckons, it’s only natural that Over the Moo is primed to showcase its latest flavour, a stunning on-the-go interpretation of its top selling Australian tub flavour, ‘Choc Choc Who’s There.’

Despite the recent explosion in intriguing tub flavours on offer: Pralines n Cream, Pistachio & Lemon, Peanut Butter, Ginger & Honey, Hot Cross Bun (to name but a few) … the fact remains that it’s still the quality interpretations of those timeless classics that continue to woo and wow our taste buds.

Latest 2023 flavour forecasts reaffirm that for all the flamboyant flavour experimentation taking place, 1 in 3 all ice creams sold in the UK are still Vanilla, with Chocolate firmly established in 2nd place (1 in 10 sales) whilst Cookie Dough has valiantly kept its nose ahead of Salted Caramel to hold onto 3rd place on the global, favourite flavours podium.

Its been a fantastic first year of trading for Over the Moo and its permissible plant-based ice cream bites.  “We’ve learnt stacks over our first year of trading,” suggests Over the Moo UK founder, Simon Goldman.  “First and foremost, healthier snacking has been crying out for meaningful, on-the-go offerings within the wider ice cream arena.  Secondly the wider plant-based movement needs indulgent disruptors like Over the Moo to help strip away historically ‘dowdy’ preconceptions’ 

In 2023 12% of all last year’s ice cream innovation in the UK was non ‘cow milk’ themed and yet this only translated into 4-5% of total sales.     

“That’s not to say that there hasn’t also been scope for significant improvements, our side,” acknowledges Simon, “With a growing loyalist and retailer following, providing meaningful feedback suggestions that we’ve worked on over the Winter months to bring to fruition.  Significant moves include extended melting times in tandem with that an altogether more decadent chocolate crackling when you take a bite, because we needed a satisfying sound that better reflected the indulgent qualities of the enrobing chocolate we favour.”

Sharing formats have undoubtedly brought some much-needed theatre to the ice cream fixture, not simply via a very distinct eating experience versus traditional tubs, but with regards to commonsense portion control, with one chunk being only a miserly 30 calories.

By prioritising sustainably sourced coconuts from trusted Indonesian and Philippines sources, Over the Moo is also taking the extra significant steps when it comes to showing old-school cow milk isn’t the only solution when it comes to rich yet dreamy ice cream appreciation.

Each Pouch Costs £3.99

Chocolate Ice Cream Launches June 24


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