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Functional Mushroom Start-up lands 100k investment signalling a New Wave for Supplements


9/21/2023 10:22:51 AM

Product Development

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While studying at university, he stumbled across a long-distance runner who raved about the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms and boasted of increased athletic performance after taking the supplement. Intrigued by the concept of a wholly natural performance enhancer, Finn began researching the area more intensely. This was the beginning of a journey that now sees Headstrong gain the backing of an exciting investment.


After browsing sub-standard products on the market, Finn decided to create his own. The benefits were almost immediate as Finn found new levels of physical performance, cognitive clarity and faster recovery. He realised that more people could benefit from access to the product, so he got to work. 


His research revealed countless other types of mushroom. These supplements had the power to improve certain areas of people’s lives. Headstrong currently supplies their customers with six functional mushrooms. Reishi is known for its ability to improve sleep quality. Chaga and Lion's Mane support immune health and cognitive development, respectively. Cordyceps enhances athletic performance, Tremella contributes to skin health, and the Mushroom Blend capsule combines all of these benefits with the addition of Maitake, providing you with a comprehensive way to boost your overall well-being.


The appeal of Headstrong becomes clear when Finn is asked about what his brand offers, “after experiencing the benefits of functional mushrooms myself, I could see there was a unique opportunity here.” People can pinpoint the areas of their life that they’d like to improve, and Headstrong can prescribe a set of mushrooms based on those answers and provide a product that really works”.

Headstrong does just that, with the ability to search by benefit, with clear and thorough guides on what each mushroom does, it's evident that Headstrong approaches health and wellness with the consumer at the forefront. 

Mushroom supplements have become popular as a coffee replacement, but Finn feels a coffee replacement supplement misses the real benefit and potential of these mushrooms. “I like coffee, but I’m not trying to replace it.  We approach health and wellness holistically - our supplements are so much more than a substitute, they are a catalyst to enhanced self improvement, with each mushroom holding weight in its own right.

It’s for this same reason why Finn settled on the idea of capsules. The market is saturated with sweetened powders that undermine the very nature of providing a natural product in the first place.

Headstrong's holistic approach to wellness has attracted much attention, so much so that they have landed a £100k investment in just their second month of trading. Finn has exciting plans to utilise the investment: “I want to further develop my product line and increase awareness of the unique benefits of functional mushrooms. We’ll also be entering select retail locations towards the end of the year.” 

Headstrong has partnered with Manchester based agency, Prospa Media to oversee the marketing strategy and digital direction of the brand. 

The product and the packaging oozes quality. With high potency capsules that are entirely free from artificial ingredients, the user only has to take one per day to feel the full benefit. The packaging is something of a marvel too. After much research, Finn found the perfect packaging for his product offering. The box, made from mycelium (the root-like structure of fungi), is fully biodegradable within 45 days once broken down into small pieces and placed in your houseplants or garden soil - it serves as an ideal polystyrene replacement. 

Headstrong without doubt is making shockwaves in the mushroom supplement market, positioning itself as the true market leader. The capsule is tailored for individuals like Finn who prioritise their health and are dedicated to optimising every aspect of their lives. There’s little doubt that Headstrong is emerging as the ultimate health companion and Finn is confident that it will work for you too.

Headstrong isn't just a supplement; it's a transformative force committed to enriching the lives of modern individuals. Beyond the product, it embodies a mission to amplify self-improvement. Discover more about Finn’s holistic approach and empower yourself to reach new heights in your wellness journey. 

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