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The Brighter Burger launch


6/14/2024 8:57:06 AM

Product Development

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Meet the positive new meat and dairy free burger from food procurement expert allmanhall. Less than 6% emissions* compared to a standard beef burger

As part of allmanhall’s commitment to challenging food systems and supply, and encouraging change that is responsible, sustainable and nutritious, alongside the growing trend for reduced or meat-alternative foods, the concept of a new burger has evolved. Leading this development was allmanhall’s procurement and sustainability director, Mike Meek in collaboration with partners Redefine Meat, Wildfarmed, Bidfood, Applewood Vegan and Rubies in the Rubble.


To create a tasty meat-free alternative burger there has been considerable research into what ingredients can be used, with the challenge to not just ensure a similar tasting product but also create something that is nutritionally beneficial.


The result was the The Brighter Burger. With Redefine Meat’s premium patty, coupled with vegan mayo from Rubies, all held within the Wildfarmed bun, they’ve created one of the best meat alternatives in taste, texture, look and smell.


At the heart of The Brighter Burger is the Redefine Meat patty. When Tess Warnes, allmanhall’s dietitian, reviewed this before the pilot trials, she was impressed with it’s nutritional content. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals including 3mg B12, and 4.2mg Zinc. As well as offering 11g protein it also impressively contains 5g fibre, a key compound not found in animal proteins, which helps keep digestive systems healthy.


By switching to an alternative plant-based protein source, the Brighter Burger is also helping reduce waste, inefficiencies and carbon in the food system. The Brighter Burger releases only 0.34kg of co2e per burger (Based on LCA data from Klimato), a figure that places it well in line with the planetary health diets of 1.85kg of co2e per kg target. In comparison, a standard beef burger emits an estimated 5.77kg of co2e. This means The Brighter Burger emits less than 6% versus a standard beef burger!


The buns are made with Wildfarmed flour, which is grown regeneratively, their techniques helping promote soil health, sequester carbon, and support biodiversity, all without relying on any pesticides.


Introducing a meat free alternative burger is a revolutionary step, and persuading customers that this is a tasty and sustainable alternative to the traditional meat burger could be a challenge. So so how well has it been received?


Back in April, allmanhall collaborated with Epsom College and Redefine Meat to deliver a lunch service where 800 school pupils had the chance to taste trial The Brighter Burger. 74% said they would like to see it on school menus in the future!


For the trial at Epsom College, the day started with a chef demo and tasting session for the catering team, in the school’s kitchens. It was delivered by Daniel Ferreria of Redefine Meat.


Epsom College’s director of catering, Bev Spencer commented:
"We are continually looking at the ways in which we can become more sustainable and teach our pupils about the food that they eat, where it comes from and the environmental impact of food choices. This low-emissions, waste reducing burger concept from allmanhall is a brilliant initiative and you honestly can't tell it isn't meat. There's no compromise on flavour or taste experience... our pupils and staff really enjoyed it! We knew we were onto a winner when the pupils came back asking for more. Looks like these could be a firm favourite on our menus in the future."
Samples were served in Vegware eco-catering holders, to 800 pupils, teachers and staff members, and the feedback included comments such as: “Very tasty. For someone enjoys meat but is fussy about the quality of it, this was delicious and I didn't need to worry about finding gristle!” and “It was very good! I didn’t even notice it was plant based until I came back for a second…”

Even the name has been inspired by the erudite, creative and fascinating suggestions of the Epsom College community! The Brighter Burger was eventually selected, as the dish is a smart, informed choice and supports taking positive action and responsibility for a more sustainable and ‘brighter’ future for the planet.


By working with supplier partners and their rapidly growing community of clients,
allmanhall continues to transform food supply through sustainable and responsible procurement,
changing and challenging to create transparency through the value chain, to enable informed decisions.

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