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Popcorn Kitchen joins 2,000 strong family of purpose-led businesses in the UK by securing C-corp Status


6/7/2024 7:08:46 AM

Product Development

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When you’re a bustling challenger brand, success is often defined, not simply by the company you keep but the larger influence groups you become part of, which helps explain the immense sense of pride Popcorn Kitchen feels today having secured B-Corp status (June 24) to become part of an increasingly vocal 2,000 strong family of purpose-led businesses championing the very highest social, ethical and environmental standards. 


Wheels were first put in motion back in 2023, which saw ‘leading light’ Cranfield University give the green light for two MSc in Business Management undergraduates to undertake a four month internship to lay out the foundations for Popcorn Kitchen’s bid aided and abetted by the indomitable Andy Hawkins (B-Corp ambassador) and the irrepressible Elizabeth Tate (B-Corp consultant) who joined forces with the Popcorn Kitchen team to ensure no stone was left unturned in the quest for B-Corp acceptance.


  ‘At Popcorn Kitchen we believe in the adage, go fast alone, go far together,’ concludes brand owner Louise Monk.  ‘Our plan for brand betterment has taken many guises, from joining the ByWomenBuilt alliance to embracing the very highest B-Corp standards.  Notable successes included upweighting the percentages of recycled plastic contained within our iconic plastic bottles and aligning ourselves with ambitious movements for change including Reewild; which in 2022/23 alone saw the planting of 1347 new trees planted, the bedding down of our Woodland Carbon code and the removal of 55 tonnes of carbon.  Elsewhere our proud Sedex membership supports ethical supply chains whilst ties with influential accreditation bodies like the Vegetarian Society, means we do our bit supporting important minority food causes whilst also putting aside 2% of our overall revenue to support great causes like Fairshare.’


For a community-orientated business like Popcorn Kitchen it’s an unwritten rule that bottom line growth is mirrored by a greater commitment to Caring Capitalism and within food and drink circles B-Corp status is very much the gold standard!



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