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New Easter Box from LoveRaw!


3/20/2024 1:47:31 PM

Product Development

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The Easter Box includes:

1 x Nutty Choc Ball Box9 individually wrapped balls, the ultimate plant-based chocolate indulgence.
Our Nutty Choc Balls are a crunchy hazelnut coated in a delicious vegan cream, covered in a crisp wafer shell and finished with our iconic m:lk choc and hazelnut pieces.

3 x White Choc Cream Wafer BarEach bar contains a deliciously crispy wafer, oozing with our signature cre&m® filling and generously smothered with vegan white chocolate. Whether you’re vegan, unvegan or don’t care about the labels, the White Choc Cre&m® Wafer is taking the plant-based choc industry by storm.

3 x Milk & 3 x White Choc Peanut Buttercups
Each cup oozes smooth, creamy peanut butter and is covered in our iconic m:lk® and white choc. The best of both worlds if you ask us.
Best of all, these vegan bad boys are gluten-free and contain no artificial nonsense and will leave you wanting more.


Because this Easter, who needs an egg, when we’ve got (Nutty Choc) BALLS!?!


Price: £29.99


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