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Everything you need for a plant-based Bonfire Night


10/31/2023 1:57:52 PM

Product Development

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Get ready to light up the night as we gear up for Bonfire Night! Autumn is here and with it, November is getting closer, bringing us closer to Bonfire Night. It’s a night filled with warmth, camaraderie, and spectacular displays that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, watching the skies explode with colour, or simply enjoying the cosy atmosphere, Bonfire Night is an experience like no other. Are you ready to experience the enchanting glow of Bonfire Night, where the night sky comes alive with glittering fireworks, and the tantalising scents of the barbecue mixed with the warmth of crackling campfire? To make sure that everyone can enjoy the food, especially the barbecue, KoRo offers a variety of plant-based products. So, wrap up warm, grab your sparklers, and let’s make this year’s celebration unforgettable!


Vegan meat alternatives


A must have for every barbecue are sausages, so it's only fair that there are vegan options available. KoRo offers two kinds of organic plant-based Bratwurst: the fine vegan organic Bratwurst and the organic vegan Bratwurst. Both are seitan and tofu based, though the organic vegan Bratwurst has a more coarse texture due to the addition of oat flakes, which provides an authentic texture reminiscent of a classic bratwurst.




Beef burgers are always a big hit at every barbecue, but now they face some delicious competition from KoRo’s vegan burger patties. They have everything your heart desires: bite, spice, taste, juiciness. Sandwiched between burger buns, tasty sauce and fresh veggies, these burgers are a great plant-based alternative. KoRo has four different burger patties to choose from:



Sauce it up!

Sauce is a must for every barbecue, and with KoRo’s range of sauces, you can make your meals even tastier:

Medium hot mustard without added sugar

Fine medium hot mustard with agave syrup

Organic vegan mayonnaise

Organic beetroot ketchup with no added sugar

Organic orange and rosemary sauce

Organic teriyaki sauce

Organic sesame sauce




Sweet Vegan alternatives

A sky full of colourful fireworks, cosying up around a crackling campfire with loved ones. What's missing? Marshmallows, of course! They are fun to roast over an open fire, as s’mores, as an addition to hot chocolate or as a snack right out of the bag. Sure thing is that marshmallows fit the cosy vibe and make the perfect dessert. KoRo offers vegan marshmallows, which therefore don’t contain any gelatine or other animal based products. KoRo’s marshmallows are extra large with a delicate vanilla flavour.


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