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Exclusive used machinery auction of gastro equipment from renowned delicatessen manufacturer Nuova Jolli S.r.l.


1/15/2024 3:17:09 PM


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Modern gastronomy equipment from the renowned Italian delicatessen manufacturer Nuova Jolli, now available as auction lots – an opportunity to acquire high-quality equipment. (© Surplex).


Nuova Jolli S.r.l., a renowned Italian manufacturer of delicatessen meals, has now closed and is offering its high-quality gastronomy equipment for auction. The various gastronomy machines can be bid on at Surplex.com until 22/01/2024.


Nuova Jolli S.r.l., established in 1986 in Modena, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, Italy, specialised in the production of delicatessen meals. Its diverse range included gratins, ready meals, soups, stews, and sauces, primarily intended for large-scale retail distribution. As a certified manufacturer of meat products, Nuova Jolli produced pasteurised products and vacuum packaging under strict hygienic and sanitary conditions, ensuring a product shelf life of up to 60 days. Thanks to its own refrigerated vehicles and cooperation with qualified transport companies, the company guaranteed reliable nationwide distribution of its specialties.

With the closure of production, an opportunity now arises to acquire the high-quality equipment and machines of Nuova Jolli through an auction – an excellent chance for restaurateurs and food producers looking for quality equipment. The auction is offered through the online industrial auction house Surplex and ends on 22/01/2024. The auction of approximately 250 items starts without a reserve price – with opening bids from 1 €. An inspection of the items is possible by arrangement.

Top auction lots include the CO-EL TOR-AL circular metal detector, ILPRA MEC DRIVE thermal sealing machines, CAVECO cheese dosers and automatic packaging machines, as well as various models of the MIGLIORINI thermal sealing machines. The machines for sale offer buyers the opportunity to acquire professional gastronomy equipment, specifically designed for the requirements of the food industry.

Surplex acts as a comprehensive service provider, accompanying the entire auction process. In addition to providing the auction platform, Surplex’s services also include expert advice on machine selection, support with logistical questions, and assistance with administrative requirements such as transport and customs.


Large-scale lasagna production involves precise ingredient dosing, followed by rapid cooling with blast chillers, before the finished products are carefully packaged – an efficient blend of modern technology and traditional culinary art. (© Surplex).

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