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Doughlicious - The London Dough Co. Unveils Brand Refresh


3/12/2024 12:11:41 PM

Product Development

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The London Dough Co. announces its most epic brand endeavour in its history. The new look will be rolling out in stores globally, from Tuesday 12th March 2024.  

True to its reputation for crafting the next evolution of frozen snacks, Doughlicious spared no effort in creating a brand experience that embodies the essence of its products - deliciously daring, approachable and boasting "lick the pack appeal" that is simply irresistible. Every detail is designed to evoke consumer envy and ignite the senses, with vibrant colors and bold doughy typography to heroic images highlighting taste, textures and ingredients. The new designs provide stand-out brand blocking at shelf, attract the attention of snackers everywhere, all whilst maintaining the commitment to the finest natural ingredients. 


Harmonising all products under the single Doughlicious brand name gives credence to the company as a cookie dough platform. Currently the company makes frozen, ready-to-bake and shelf staple items with the intention of whichever place a consumer goes, whether a freezer, refrigerator or cupboard, there is a Doughlicious snack waiting.


Kathryn Bricken – Founder of Doughlicious – The London Dough Co. “We are absolutely thrilled to be launching the biggest brand refresh for Doughlicious. It’s the culmination of years of work building a cookie dough platform that is transforming snacking expectations and stretching the limits of what cookie dough can be. It really is super sneaky good.” 


Set to dominate the next generation of snacking, Doughlicious exists to create bite-sized moments of happiness and joy for everyone, that also happen to be better for you. The product range includes indulgent cookie dough gelato bites available in the ice cream section as well as pre–portioned ready-to-bake cookie dough which bake in 12 – 14 minutes and are available in the refrigerated and frozen section of the grocery store. With a mantra of “Dough good”, all items are made with premium ingredients, naturally gluten-free, with no added refined sugar, and free from white-bleached flour, artificial additives, and preservatives, the brands range also offer a range of dairy-free and vegan offerings, creating a product for snackers to enjoy.


Doughlicious is sold in key retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Costco, Selfridges Food Hall, Morrisons and many others across the UK.

On Tuesday 12th March Doughlicious will unveil its delicious, new, brand make-over rolling out in stores globally.

Additional information, imagery and product testing is available upon request.

Please contact: doughlicious@b-theagency.com

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