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TOVARITCH! Vodka Launches Operation Uplift: An Airborne Mission to Taiwan


4/10/2024 9:26:46 AM

Product Development

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In a bold move that mirrors its adventurous spirit, TOVARITCH! Vodka - the world’s most awarded premium vodka - has embarked on an exceptional mission.

Amid global challenges, including a rerouted maritime world due to the Middle East conflict and a recent earthquake in Taiwan, the company is airlifting 600 bottles of its multi-award-winning spirit directly from Latvia to Taiwan.

The importer in Taiwan is the drinks specialist Importer Co., Ltd.

Eugenio Litta Modignani, founder and CEO of TOVARITCH! Vodka, said: “This airborne operation, launching today and completing in six days’ time, signifies our commitment to uplift spirits in every sense. In these times when distances seem larger and challenges insurmountable, TOVARITCH! is there to spread cheer, support, and the unmatched taste of our award-winning vodka to our global community.

“Through this high-flying initiative, we’re not just delivering vodka; we’re sending a message of resilience, hope, and solidarity to our friends in Taiwan, proving that no matter the circumstances, TOVARITCH! is dedicated to brightening days and elevating moods.”

This move reaffirms the company’s promise to be there for customers worldwide, no matter what the circumstances.  This is the first time the European vodka company, whose HQ is in Switzerland, has been called upon to airfreight its products from Latvia where the product is distilled and bottled.


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