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The KoRo advent calendars are here!


9/21/2023 1:00:30 PM

Product Development

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To enhance that excitement KoRo has unveiled not one, but two Advent calendars this year. Each one is full of surprises as magical as the gifts on Santa's sleigh making them the perfect pre-Christmas gift for loved ones.

Take a sneak peek at these two calendars, overflowing with delicious treats, surprises, and a dash of Christmas magic:

Two calendars with lots of variety:

This year, KoRo makes December even sweeter with two calendars, lovingly bringing the Christmas spirit into the house. Both calendars are filled with a selection of KoRo snacks in handy little taster packs, which is a great way to try out the KoRo range without having to order a large pack of snacks right away.

And for snack lovers who can't decide and want both calendars, the calendars are designed so they don't overlap. And pssst, both versions also contain two little surprises to use on the KoRo shop.

KoRo classic Advent calendar

Hidden behind the 24 doors of the classic Advent calendar are a range of vegetarian and vegan treats for breakfast or a savoury meal, as well as drinks and snacks. Without giving too much away, here is an exclusive sneak peek at five of the products hidden in the calendar:

Vegan and gluten-free pancake mix

KoRo vegan Advent calendar

The vegan Advent calendar shows just how varied plant-based food can be. From sweet to salty, nutty to fruity, and chocolatey to spicy, the 24 surprises cater for all tastes. For the really curious, here is a little peek behind the doors:


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