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Sweet Freedom to launch first all-natural BARISTA COFFEE SYRUPS this autumn


9/19/2023 2:21:41 PM

Product Development

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Coming soon to www.sweetfreedom.co.uk and ALDI. RRP: £3.79 for 250ml (comes in a premium glass bottle) and £7.99 for 1 litre.

Sweet Freedom, the much-loved plant based brand known for its exceptional all-natural syrups and spreads, is excited to unveil its latest innovation… a range of BARISTA COFFEE SYRUPS set to make their debut this autumn. 

Available in convenient 250ml and 1 litre bottles Sweet Freedom’s BARISTA COFFEE SYRUPS will be available in three delectable flavours: HAZELNUT, VANILLA, and CARAMEL. These syrups have been meticulously crafted to infuse coffee with rich flavour and natural sweetness, offering guilt-free indulgence as we embrace the colder months.

Reasons to say yes:

According to the Allegra World Coffee Portal (2023), the UK coffee machine market has surged by 3.5%, driven by a growing desire for specialty coffee experiences at home. Consumers are increasingly seeking to personalise their home-brewed coffee and replicate the quality of specialty coffee enjoyed in restaurants and coffee shops. Now they can achieve just that, knowing that the syrup they are using is not only good for them but also for the planet. 

Hot latte in a glass with latte art

For a warm latte:

Mix the espresso and BARISTA SYRUP in the glass, and pour over the milk... don’t forget the latte art!

Two glasses with iced coffee

For an iced latte:

Mix the espresso and BARISTA SYRUP in your glass, top up with ice and pour over the milk... voila!

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