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Sweet Freedom’s scrumptiously better for you plant based toppings will keep you flipping happy this Pancake Day!


1/9/2024 9:07:54 AM

Product Development

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Sweet Freedom, the multi–Great Taste Award winning plant-based brand, is here to make sure everyone can enjoy Pancake Day with halo intact. 

Their all-natural, vegan range of sweet syrups and spreads are the perfect indulgence every day… not just for Pancake Day! 

Sweetened only with fruit they are all high in or a source of fibre, GMO free and taste ever so naughty but aren’t! This British brand are very proud to not use ANY palm oil or refined sugar in ANY of their product range, and only use Fairtrade cocoa. 

Read on for some Pancake Day topping inspiration and recipes…

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The perfect golden syrup-like drizzle… Sweet Freedom’s PANCAKE SYRUP is ideal for all those who like to keep it nice and simple!

350g, standard RSP from £3.30.

Exclusively available at SweetFreedom.co.uk



Sweet Freedom’s HAZELNUT SYRUP give you a lush hazelnutty drizzle for your pancakes as well as providing perfectly balanced sweetness and flavour for that hazelnut latte, cocktails, mocktails and super tasty baking with less calories. All this with NO nuts involved!A plastic bottle with a label

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350g, standard RSP from £3.30.

Available at SweetFreedom.co.uk, Amazon.co.uk  



Sweet Freedom’s Great Taste Award winning CARAMEL SYRUP is incredibly versatile and thick enough to drizzle over your pancakes as well as to sweeten and flavour your coffee, drinks and ‘better for you’ baking.A plastic bottle of syrup

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Great Taste Award Judges feedback:  “What a lovely caramel sweetness to this dark golden viscous pouring syrup. The complexity is so interesting, the caramel is rich with burnt sugar notes, but the sweetness is clearly not from sugar and is never overbearing. The toffee/caramel notes were authentic, and a delight and we keep going back for more. On pancakes or porridge, we can think of little better.”  

350g, standard RSP from £3.30.

Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Amazon.co.uk and SweetFreedom.co.uk

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