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SUAVE - the world’s suavest Tequila - goes national in the UK


4/11/2024 9:08:07 AM

Product Development

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Suave Tequila has announced the national roll-out of the brand across the UK. The sustainable, additive-free, luxury brand has signed with JBE Imports for nationwide distribution following a soft launch in London.

The Suave Tequila collection being sold in the UK comprises four expressions:

This impeccable collection is created for sipping. The liquids are smooth, complex, full-bodied, additive-free, Kosher certified, and Butterfly Mark certified through Positive Luxury. This ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas is as authentic as they come. The company even cultivates its own agave seedlings.  The company takes pride in making fine tequila, resulting in the perfect blending of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

The packaging is an elegant, sculptural, organically shaped bottle, with the different styles denoted by the colours of the labels and closures.

The liquids are differentiated by a strict policy of using no additives or colourants, a mission which is at the heart of all that this company does.

As an example of the attention to detail, Suave’s makers ensure that the Ultra Añejo is aged for six years instead of the required minimum of four. The barrels are bespoke: they are made for the company using American Oak which has notes of vanilla and warm spices.  These barrels are used only once, and each bottle comes with a stave from the barrel in which it matured. This expression is one of the most expensive tequilas available in the UK.

Another reason for the high prices of these liquids compared with many on the market is the fact that the company uses only the very heart of the agave pina. All the green outer surface is stripped away so that only the pure white core of the pinas makes it into production.

Designated a ‘change-maker’ by Positive Luxury due to its ESG-focused sustainability beliefs and credentials, the brand has a achieved coveted Butterfly Mark designation. Positive Luxury says: “Sustainability for [Suave] is best represented through the three pillars which encompass it, ranging from their care for the environment, equity within their supply chain, and economic stability in all their business endeavours. It is imperative to reach an equilibrium with all three aspects of sustainability to truly achieve entrepreneurial success. Within their business processes, Premium Suave Tequila [relies] on 100% organic farming practices.”

Deborah Ernst, Director of International Sales for family-owned Suave Tequila, says: “Luxury doesn’t mean extravagance. It’s about responsibility, authenticity, craftsmanship, and taste. It’s about respecting the environment as much as we respect our customers and consumers and, in turn, asking them to respect our pride in our traditional methodology and artisanal approach to everything from the agave cultivation to the creation of the tequilas. In this fast-paced world, for us, it’s all about slowing down from time to time and just enjoying the moment… whether that’s taking a break and slowly sipping and enjoying our liquids or the unhurried process by which they are made and matured.“

Jonathan Braham-Everett, founder and director of JBE Imports, commented: “We are proud to be representing this superb brand here in the UK. Already, we have presence in high end London venues and retailers. Now that we are moving out to a national programme of distribution, we look forward to delivering Suave to a wider audience through like-minded venues for which luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.”


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4/11/2024 9:08:07 AM

SUAVE - the world’s suavest Tequila - goes national in the UK
Suave Tequila has announced the national roll-out of the brand across the UK. The sustainable, additive-free, luxury bra...
Product Development 3 min read