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Reformed: Reinventing Wellness with Organic Collagen Coffee


3/20/2024 2:46:22 PM

Product Development

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In a bustling world where wellness trends continuously evolve, a new player has emerged on the scene to redefine our daily rituals. “Reformed" a new UK-based wellness brand poised to revolutionize the beverage market with its inaugural product: organic collagen coffee. This innovative blend aims to infuse your morning cup of joe with a powerful punch of nutritional goodness, promising a refreshing take on traditional coffee consumption. Crafted by the minds of Neil Marrakchi and Neil Saada, Reformed's organic collagen coffee is the result of over two years of meticulous research and development. Collaborating with world-leading food scientists based in the Netherlands, the founders have meticulously curated a blend that seamlessly combines the essence of high-end organic Arabica coffee beans from Colombia with a myriad of health-boosting ingredients. 

At the heart of Reformed's organic collagen coffee lies its impressive nutritional profile. Each serving is packed with 17 grams of collagen protein, renowned for its benefits in promoting skin elasticity and joint health. Additionally, the blend incorporates extracts from a carefully selected blend of the purest organic vegetables, providing a rich source of 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Not stopping there, Reformed's formula also features a blend of organic adaptogenic mushrooms, renowned for their stress-relieving and immune-boosting properties. 

What sets Reformed apart is its unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity of the coffee-drinking experience. Despite the infusion of health-enhancing elements, Reformed's organic collagen coffee maintains the same unparalleled taste, texture, and aroma that coffee aficionados cherish. The founders emphasize that their product is a testament to the belief that wellness should not come at the expense of enjoyment. 

In a world where over four billion cups of coffee are consumed daily, Reformed seeks to offer consumers more than just a caffeine fix. The brand expresses their dedication to maximizing the potential of this ubiquitous daily ritual, ensuring that every sip of Reformed's organic collagen coffee delivers tangible benefits without compromising on taste. 

Furthermore, Reformed's commitment to transparency and quality shines through in its ingredient list. Free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners, Reformed's organic collagen coffee boasts a lineup of all-natural and organic components, providing consumers with a guilt-free indulgence. Looking ahead, Reformed is poised to expand its product lineup beyond the realm of coffee, with a focus on introducing a diverse range of wellness offerings. With teas and supplements taking center stage, Reformed aims to cater to the varied needs and preferences of health-conscious consumers. 

The brand has completed a first fundraising and is backed by of one of the largest chains of luxury Italian restaurants and cafes in the United States, as well as many private investors based in the UK and France (more information not disclosed).

In a market saturated with options, Reformed stands out as a beacon of innovation and wellness, inviting consumers to reimagine their morning rituals one sip at a time.

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