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Plantbased Ice Cream celebrates its strong Ozzie ties on Australia Day

1/26/2024 9:53:57 AM

Product Development

2 mins read

How best for a British based but Australian conceived brand of plantbased ice cream chunks to celebrate both the arrival of Australia Day (26th Jan) and the successful conclusion of yet another remarkable Veganuary.



Australia Day is all about revelling in all that’s great about Australia and being Australian and as Over the Moo is a coconut milk ice cream that first made its mark on the Australian version of Dragon’s Den, is better placed than most to appreciate the enormity of both calendar dates.

According to Over-the-Moo UK Spokesperson, Simon Goodman, ‘In the UK our ice cream chunks comes in a snug-fitting pack that holds more than one might imagine, which made us think that Budgy Smugglers, the last word in seaside couture would be the perfect partner for our Winter sampling push because top-notch ice cream consumption shouldn’t be confined to Summer!      

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