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Martini® launches new global campaign ‘Martini® Dare to Be’, inspired by the modern Aperitivo moment


5/7/2024 11:19:17 AM

Product Development

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MARTINI announces the launch of its new global campaign, ‘MARTINI Dare To Be’; a celebration of the ‘modern aperitivo moment’ that has evolved from a ‘pre-event’ experience to become the main social gathering. The campaign will first launch in May 2024 in Spain and Benelux, followed by Portugal and Italy later this year. The campaign will run across advertising, PR and social media in Europe throughout 2024.

MARTINI Dare to Be invites consumers to step out of the ‘everyday you’ and step into ‘your most playful and stylish self.’  The campaign showcases a bold, magnetic Italian energy, and has been brought to life by Gold Ciclope award-winning Campaign Director, Tom Noakes, and Parisian fashion photographer, Lou Escobar. The dynamic visuals include friends enjoying light and refreshing long drinks during day-time social moments in Escobar’s signature vibrant and colorful style.

The new brand campaign, created by AMV BBDO & BBDO NEW YORK, further cements MARTINI as a leader and innovator in the No-and-Lo category.  With a focus on the modern aperitivo moment and long drinks best served during day-time social moments, the brand presents longer serves that leverage the full brand portfolio and include; MARTINI Fiero and Tonic, MARTINI Vibrante and Tonic and MARTINI Floreale and Tonic.

Renowned for its Italian heritage, MARTINI, founded in 1863 by entrepreneur Alessandro Martini and herbalist Luigi Rossi, has left its mark on everything from culture to sport. From its iconic advertising campaigns featuring Hollywood stars and the ‘who’s who’ of the red carpet, to the iconic MARTINI racing ‘stripes’ still seen around the world today.  

Victoria Morris, Vice President, MARTINI said, “Style and playfulness are at the heart of MARTINI’s identity and have been a significant part of our heritage as an Italian brand. We wanted to bring these elements to the forefront through the message of ‘MARTINI Dare To Be’.”

“With MARTINI Dare To Be, we’re continuing to partner with creative leaders who bring our vision of MARTINI to life. The bold visuals and composition of the campaign film and photography speak to our history as an icon of Italian magnetic style, elevating everyday moments with a style that showcases personality.”  

‘MARTINI Dare To Be’ launches on 7th May 2024 across film, OOH, digital, PR and social.

For more information on the campaign, and the celebration visit https://www.martini.com/ or @martini on all social media platforms.


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