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Keto-friendly noodles that are low in carbs yet high in protein & springy twang


5/8/2024 12:18:23 PM

Product Development

3 mins read

What best distinguishes SRSLY from the UK’s wider keto tribe is its ongoing support of our everyday essentials, taking what could be referred to as familiar, run-of-the-mill necessities and giving them a cool, low carb twist.

SRSLY’s new look dry noodles are made from an intriguing blend of pea protein, bamboo fibre and psyllium husk to provide just the amount of great taste meets substantial yet delicate bite meets all-important springy twang.  More importantly, these noodles offer a staggeringly impressive uplift in protein (48%) Vs their mainstream peers and 75% less carbs.

According to SRSLY founder, Andy Welch, ‘With light, healthy Asian cuisine in the ascendency it was important that keto had a bold, better-for-you presence, dry pasta after all is a £51m category in the UK.  Our wider vision is to make losing weight and losing weight as easy and seamless as possible.  The business was born creating tasty, nutritionally proud loaves, rolls and wraps devoid of lazy sugar and carbs to make it easier for health-conscious individuals to lose weight without having to divert from convenient trusted meal patterns.  Today SRSLY’s reach extends into jams, ready meals dry pasta and now noodles.’ 

Perhaps in the past too many uninspiring, beige noodles brands were responsible for the noodles fixture playing second fiddle to more diverse pasta propositions, but with the eagerly awaited arrival of new category agitators like SRSLY meeting the needs of today’s increasingly vocal food minorities, this could all about to change.

200g bag £3.99


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