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fu:di makes market debut, with ridiculously tasty, feel-good food range


10/23/2023 9:06:54 AM

Product Development

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This month sees the official launch of fu:di, a new purpose driven food brand on a mission to improve the metabolic health of the world - one slurp, bite or crunch at a time. Kicking off with an extensive range of sauces, the fledgling brand is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Tom Redwood and Ben Calderhead, who have come together to create a portfolio of products that not only taste good, but make you feel-good too. 

Curated by chefs, and backed by science, the fu:di range uses recipes that replace sugar with a curated plant-based sweetener blend, swaps seed oils with healthier alternatives and reduces net-carbohydrates. Fu:di is launching with 11 SKUs including; Condiments, Salad Dressings and Thai Chili Sauces, with more NPD planned to launch later this month. The full range is available to buy from werefudi.com and Amazon. 


Hungry for change in the food industry, the Founders believe that by combining science and food they can build a brand that makes a real difference, enabling consumers to eat healthily, whilst enjoying the complete foodie experience. Using the combined knowledge and years of experience in their respective


fields (Food & Science), the range has been created in response to their extensive scientific research, which shows that by keeping your carb intake down, whilst cutting out sugar and seed oils, you can improve your all-round metabolic health. 


Here’s a rundown of the range: 


Ketchup: This classic red sauce has one benchmark – taste like He**nz, just without the sugar. Tangy but sweet, spicy but appropriately mild, and most importantly, full of the classic Tommy-k flavour. RRP: £3.49 / 350g 

Brown Sauce: Packed full of flavour and smooth, mellow spice. The perfect partner for your bacon butty. RRP: 3.49 / 345g 

Memphis BBQ Sauce: Ready to dip, dollop or douse as a marinade. Finished with a splash of Tennessee whiskey, giving you that authentic Memphis taste. Deep, rich & smoky - all without the sugar! RRP: £3.49 / 350g 

Slightly Posh Mayo (with extra virgin olive oil): Smooth, rich & creamy mayo made with free range whole egg & 100% Olive Oil. £4.99 / 305g 

Classic Mayo (with avocado oil): That ultimate mayo flavour. Silky smooth, creamy & rich, made with free range whole egg & avocado oil. £4.99 / 305g 

Proper (not posh) Salad Cream: Old school flavour, straight out of the 90's - this time without the sugar and seed oils! Posh ingredients, proper taste. £4.99 / 320g 


Scrummy Dorset Salad Dressing: A creamy combo of fresh British herbs, 100% extra virgin olive oil and a hit of garlicky-mustard-ness, balanced with tangy Dorset cider vinegar £4.99 / 230g Fabulously French: Inspired by the famous French bistro vinaigrette - smooth, bright & rich with a touch of Parisian attitude. Made with 100% olive oil. £4.99 / 225g 

Distinctively Greek: Distinctively Greek oregano, red wine vinegar & extra virgin olive oil. The elegance is in the simplicity. £4.99 / 220g 


Tourist Hot: Transport yourself back to the beaches of Koh Samui with this lip-smacking (totally sugar free) sweet-chilli sauce. Guaranteed to blow your mind (not your palate) £4.99 / 150g Thai Hot: Authentically spicy with all the attitude of Bangkok street food. Aromatic with a touch of sweetness - even without using sugar £4.99 / 150g 

Founder Tom says: “We believe eating healthily and eating well can be one and the same. Whether you’re living with diabetes, starting a ketogenic diet, reducing your sugar intake or just looking for a banging new ketchup for your burgers, we’re here for you. We’ve created a ketchup that you can dip, dollop or dunk ‘til your heart’s content without the hidden sugar. Mayos that are full of flavour, not seed oils. Salad dressings that will take you straight back to your favourite French bistro, Greek taverna or Dorset picnic. No compromise, just joy. We want to kickstart a new generation of health, shining a light on the hidden sugar in everyday foods and offering clean alternatives that hero flavour, flavour, flavour.” 

Find out more: wearefudi.com 

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