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Cacaofruit Energizes Mixed Drinks with a New, Refreshing Flavor


6/12/2024 10:20:43 AM

Product Development

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As consumers prioritize products that benefit both themselves and the environment, the demand for cacaofruit is expanding into new areas, such as mixed drinks. Cabosse Naturals, a global expert in cacaofruit, noticed a significant growth in sales for mixed drinks compared to 2022, with non-alcoholic drinks increasing by 30% and alcoholic beverages by 70%. 


Among the upcoming drinks with cacaofruit in the beverage segment are mocktails, alongside beers with cacaofruit and even wine and spritzers that hit the shelves at the end of last year and the beginning of 2024.


The first introduction of the range of 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients was back in 2019, which led to numerous product introductions by brands and awards for its taste experience and sustainability.


By using Cabosse Naturals’ upcycled cacaofruit ingredients in their applications, artisans and brands can apply for an Upcycled Certified mark on packaging—the world's first mark certifying upcycled food in products, enabling consumers to make impact-informed purchases and help prevent food waste.


William Angleys, Global Business Development Director Innovation at Barry Callebaut, overseeing Cabosse Naturals' cacaofruit range promotion and development, states: “Millennials and Gen Z are on the lookout for new taste experiences, while becoming increasingly mindful about what they choose to indulge in. They seek healthier and well-being options that are also delicious, which is exactly what the cacaofruit delivers. With cacaofruit ingredients, artisans can come up with new drinks and can infuse classics with a delicious cacaofruit twist.”


Mixed drinks get a new taste experience 

Cacaofruit offers a refreshing alternative to mixed drinks and its classics that have been around for decades. Mixologists can give a zesty flavor that adds a burst of freshness which elevates customers' experience.

Each type of cacaofruit ingredient complements the drinks in various ways. The surrounding pulp of the cacaofruit has a pleasant zesty and fruity flavor and brings a uniquely refreshing taste. As for the cacaofruit concentrate, it adds an intense fruity sweetness and the juice has a very fruity, zesty aroma and flavor. Ideal to bring an exotic taste. The cacaofruit juice is currently used in many cocktails and cocktail bases, such as premium cocktail mixer KiuKiu and delicious cacaofruit infused beers.


CACAO PISCO SOUR (includes cacaofruit juice): 

A refreshing twist to one of the classic cocktails. Experience the perfect blend of traditional Pisco Sour flavors with a hint of cacaofruit juice, delivering a uniquely smooth and satisfying taste. Elevate your cocktail hour with this deliciously innovative drink option.


CACAOFRUIT HIGHBALL (includes cacaofruit concentrate): 

A smooth blend of bitter Campari and cacaofruit concentrate, offering a hint of tropical sweetness layered over the warmth of vermouth, finished with a sparkling splash of bitter lemon. Perfect for casual enjoyment with a twist.


MAYAN ELIXIR (includes cacaofruit concentrate and pulp): 

This mocktail celebrates the perfect balance of flavors, where the spiciness of ginger beer harmonizes with the tropical sweetness of cacaofruit pulp and concentrate and the crispness of apple juice, creating a refreshing and perfectly blended drink.


LATIN MULE (includes cacaofruit pulp): 

Where vodka meets cacaofruit pulp. Mixed with lime and acerola and topped with ginger beer and garnished with the right colorful ingredients, it offers a subtly sweet, tangy, and spicy delight, perfect for a refreshing experience with a hint of tropical flair.


Upcycling the cacaofruit

The Upcycled Food Association reports that yearly, approximately 30% of all food, 50% of all fruit and vegetables, and 70% of all cacaofruit goes to waste around the world. Traditionally, only the seeds or beans of cacaofruit were used in manufacturing chocolate, which meant that 70% of the material was discarded. To change this, Cabosse Naturals has worked for years to create an innovative and unprecedented upcycling supply chain and started to upcycle the rest of the fruit into a range of natural and 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients—juice, pulp, powder, and concentrate—that can be used in different segments of the food industry.

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