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Beatson Clark Gives Cottage Delight New Look for 50th Birthday


2/12/2024 10:55:15 AM

Product Development

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Glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark has been helping its long-standing customer Cottage Delight to update its packaging with a renewed focus on sustainability as the company celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

Cottage Delight sells hand-made food products such as jams and chutneys in 36 countries worldwide.

Beatson Clark has worked with the company for over two decades and supported its major packaging rebrand in 2018 by creating three new bespoke glass containers.

Now Cottage Delight is renewing its commitment to sustainability, removing the mop cap and elastic band from its jars and replacing them with aluminium lids, which means that the packaging will be 100% recyclable.

Beatson Clark has redesigned the bespoke 302ml jar – the main jar in the range – to have a deep twist-off neck finish, giving it a modern look and providing a larger area on the cap for printing.

The new jars went into production last month in time for Cottage Delight’s celebration of half a century making delicious chutneys, marmalades, condiments and sauces.

“We are delighted with the new look 302ml jar,” said Sarah Williams, Marketing Director at Cottage Delight.
“Working with the Beatson Clark design team has enabled us to create a more contemporary jar, while retaining a feel of heritage. The revised shape also means a more efficient jar for our production line and it will allow more accurate application of the front label.
“The team at Beatson Clark have been great to work with, allowing us to meet our timescales at launch for our special anniversary year.”
Dawn Pugh, Sales and Marketing Director at Beatson Clark, commented: “Everyone at Beatson Clark would like to send their congratulations to the team at Cottage Delight for reaching the milestone of 50 years in business.
“It’s a pleasure to have such a positive and long-standing relationship with customers, and we wish them the best of luck for the next 50 years!”

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