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Australian plant-based ice cream with an English bite-size twist


11/15/2023 2:22:17 PM

Product Development

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We Brits aren’t the only nation that gets battered from time-to-time for our poor culinary heritage.  

Of course, Australia is blessed with unrivalled access to incredible lean meats (beef, kangaroo & crocodile), unsurpassed Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, quirky fruits (quangdong..), nutritious nuts (macadamias) and vitamin-rich Jarrah honey.  

However, when it comes to their ‘go-to’ manufactured choices they inexplicably continue to wax lyrical about some very curious, lost-in-time favourites including: Tim Tams (a glorified, extra chocolatey Penguin biscuit), Vegemite (an oddly spiced Marmite), Cheezels (a cheesy hula hoop) and Chicken salt (supposedly the last word in BBQ salt rubs).   

Fortunately, the latest Oz arrival to the UK makes so much more sense, especially with a sensible Brit tweak, which has seen a sublime plant-based tub ice cream evolve into a generous pouch of bite-sized treats.

According to Over the Moo UK founder, Simon Goodman, ‘The success of brands like Little Moons and Doughlicious have underlined the fact that ‘bitesize’ is by far the most vibrant sub-category within ice cream (60.7% growth) and yet, for all the industry’s healthier eating intentions the current crop of plant-based offers have failed to catch on (12% of total UK innovation but 3-4% of total UK sales).’

The thinking behind Over the Moo took shape when Simon found himself watching the Australian version of Dragon’s Den whilst out there on a business trip.  ‘I loved the pitch which really resonated and I knew immediately that I had to connect with Alexander (Over the Moo founder).  I explained to Alex that the UK really didn’t need yet another preachy, low-calorie tub.  At the same time a past agency-side career (working on Cadbury’s choc ice) convinced me that choc ices in a new bite-size (30 calorie) format could provide the perfect mix of nostalgic appeal meets modern thinking.’

The first 9 months were in all honesty a slog for Over the Moo UK withs plant-based ice cream continuing to raise eyebrows in many quarters.  TODAY however there is real momentum with 5 indie wholesalers building a real head of deli/food hall/ indie store heartland across the country, especially DWF with its unrivalled ice cream pedigree.  

Export opportunities have also accelerated with the UAE now a reality (Kitsons), further Middle East listings are close (as is Portugal and Spain).  In early 2024, Over the Moo’s bite-sized chunks will do the unthinkable, namely launch back into ancestral home (Oz) and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a fund raise and further flavour innovation in the pipeline.  

All-in-all 2024 already looks like a very big year!


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