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Klöckner Pentaplast beats UK EPS ban with fully recyclable KP Infinity®


9/26/2023 1:20:51 PM

Packaging & Labelling

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kp Infinity® is fully recyclable and marked with consumer ‘Recycle Me’ messaging on packs and trays. Crucially, kp Infinity® is exempt from the impending EPS ban and is now available through wholesalers and distributors, creating a seamless like-for-like switch for foodservice businesses.

The kp Infinity® range has undergone extensive testing and trialling in today’s recycling infrastructure with RECOUP, the UK’s leading authority on plastics waste and resource management.

Sally Molyneux, Sales Director Trays & Flexibles – UK, Ireland, Benelux and Australia at kp, comments: “From 1 October, we are complying with the impending ban and ceasing the supply of EPS trays. However, our customers won’t be left adrift. kp Infinity® is EPP-based, fully recyclable, manufactured in the UK and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

“kp Infinity® offers the convenience of EPS, but without the associated recyclability drawbacks. Packs are also easier to recover in one piece, as they won’t splinter or fracture as easily as other plastics. The technology is a fantastic showcase for the way that material and design innovation are directly responding to the needs of today’s foodservice industry.”

Supporting customers in the UK foodservice industry, kp aims to show that sustainable design doesn’t mean compromising performance. kp Infinity® is designed to keep food piping hot and still comfortable for consumers to handle.

“We’re proud to play our part in the sustainable packaging economy, and with kp Infinity®, we’re beating the EPS ban and ensuring our customers are not caught out.”

Learn more about the kp Infinity® range here.

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