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Brits get the delicious treats in for election night


7/4/2024 2:07:14 PM

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With the campaigning over and TV debates drawing to a close,  more than seven in 10 Brits (71%) say they will be staying up late to follow the General Election results tonight – and millions of people have already got their favourite foods and nibbles in to see them through into the early hours of Friday.


Cakes and desserts are the number one food choice for people following the live General Election results on TV this Thursday night. Nationally, 32% of adults will be getting in their favourite cheesecakes, eclairs and yum yums to follow the news on TV. Cakes are the most popular Election-night food choice for young people (48% of under 25s) and people living in London (42%).


Older people (aged over 55) are those most likely to get the cheeseboard out for Election night. Nationally, 25% of people will munch on a selection of cheese and biscuits as the Election results come through – and Scotland is the region where late night TV viewers are most likely to go for cheddar and brie (30%). 


It’s BBQ season this month and clearly some people will be getting the bag of charcoal out late into the night this Thursday: 18% of people will be making burgers and hotdogs as the election results come in. BBQ food is a top choice for men (21%) and those living in the North East (24%).


Elsewhere around the UK, an election night curry will be most popular this Thursday for people living in the East Midlands (17%) and the Welsh are the people most likely to opt for a nice homemade omelette (12%).


Claire Smith, Head of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company, who commissioned the research said: “In recent weeks we have seen a big upturn in demand for the delicious desserts we make for leading UK supermarkets. This may be down to the weather, with the seasonal boom in social gatherings in the garden or with picnics. The success of the Three Lions may also have something to do with it - but as millions of people stay up for the General Election results, even here a mug of tea and a nice yum yum or éclair seem to be defining the nation’s taste buds this summer.”

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